Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome to my latest blog. This is a bit of an experiment for me! I decided that for 2010, one of my goals would be to do a drawing a day! The drawings will be a mix of my original characters, fan art, and even some experiments.

The first drawing, from yesterday, is of my original heroine, America Anne. She is in her classic World War costume. On my Earth, there was only one World War, instead of two. This War started a few years before our WWII would have, and lasted longer. America Anne was given powers by the Army in order to be a super soldier. She proved to be a popular heroine, and the Army did their best to keep her for promotional and ceremonial purposes. She did manage to fight crime and spies tho! Anne mostly fought on the home front, but did see some action overseas. Unfortunately, America Anne disappeared towards the end of the war.

For more of my heroes and heroines, check out I am in the process of getting a comic book off the ground. The #0 issue of Spotlight Comics will hopefully be ready before too much longer.

Keep checking back for more artwork. In addition to my daily drawings, I plan to post sketch cards and other artwork on this blog. I will also post information and musings about my art, as well as anything else that might pop into my fevered brain!

Thanks for looking!

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