Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wonder Boy

Today's drawing is of Wonder Boy, a fan fic character I created. Wonder Boy comes from an Earth where everyone's gender is reversed... He is a member of that world's Teen Titans, along with Robyn - the Girl Wonder, Kid Flash, and Aqua Lass.

However, on the main Earth, Wonder Boy would come from the hidden Kentaur tribe! When the Amazons left ancient Greece for Paradise Island, several of the gods decided that their brother tribe, the Kentaurs, should have a place of their own. The Kentaurs were sent to the "Plains of Olympus", somewhere inside Mount Olympus, where they have wandered for centurires. The Kentaurs had their own means of viewing the outside world, and one day, they discovered a threat that would destroy all. Apollo, one of their young warriors, was chosen to go to the outside world and warn Diana (Wonder Woman), the Champion of the gods. Taking inspiration from Donna Troy in her days as Wonder Girl, Apollo fashioned a uniform and armor, and took the name Wonder Boy, since he was still sixteen summers by the outside world's count. The gods approved of his mission, and Apollo and Hermes granted the Kentaur Apollo with powers - flight and speed, and dominion over light. After succeeding in his mission, Apollo decided to stay in the outside world...

Okay, so DC Comics may never have a Wonder Boy, or not one with the origin I've thought up for him. Truth be told, while I would keep his powers and Donna Troy inspiration, I would probably create a different origin for Wonder Boy if I were writing for DC and able to bring him into the comics. For those who don't know, the Kentaurs were a nomadic tribe. They were such good riders that they were thought to be as one with their horse - ie, half-man, half-horse. That is where the myth of Centaurs came from.

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