Thursday, April 21, 2011

Agent Albert Christopher

Meet government agent, Albert Christopher. Albert is a fearless agent, battling many of the troubles that have cropped up since Yzida left. He most notable has been attempting to topple the organization that Ruby Riot has been building. After several encounters with Yugere, Albert was assigned as liason to the Adventure Squad. Now that his duty is a little less official, Albert will "loosen up" and let his true style show thru.

This excellent drawing was done by Nate Stockman of Ireland. It was done on the back of his awesome sketchbook, just for me! :)  Check out more of his great work at: Pick up a sketchbook while you're there. It'll be worth it! :) You will see more of Nate's great art on my heroes before too much longer... he's done several pin-ups and sketch cards for me.

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