Friday, April 29, 2011

More of Nate (Snareser) drawing my characters...

Here's some more from the talented Nate, aka Snareser. Check out his page at deviantArt: He's got a sketchbook for sale! It's awesome and wonder-full!
I love Nate's work. The top drawing is of Carl, from Friends Of Tyler. It was a full-size sketch. 

Next, we get into some sketch cards. In the batch of 4, they are L'Aigle Vert (top left), Animal (top right), Unnyit (bottom left), and Yugere (bottom right). Now, Animal doesn't belong to me. He comes from Tippy Teen, and old Archie Comics clone from the 1960's, published by the same people who brought you the Thunder Agents! 

The next two cards are: Gene (left) and Clyde Didit (right). Gene is another Friends Of Tyler character. Clyde appeared in Josie in the late 1960's, just before the strip became Josie & The Pussycats. He's another fave, and I have tons of fan art of him! :) I'll give the low down on who the various characters are later... just wanted to share some art!

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