Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friends Of Tyler

Meet the Friends Of Tyler. I created these characters a while back... Tyler, Carl, and Natalie were created back in the 1990's, when I was doing a strip for a college newspaper and local gay newspaper. Tyler is gay - the big hairy guy. Carl and Natalie are his best friends. They are also cousins. The three of them grew up in the same neighborhood, and have been best friends since they were young. They are all college freshmen. There are a couple other characters in the cast, but these are the three featured here. 

The top strip was done when I was trying to do a weekly web-strip with them. Weekly strips are difficult! I've actually had a difficult time getting their story started. I've gotten a few strips done tho, and now have ideas set for stories. The second strip appeared in the Prism Guide, for 2010 I believe. I was thrilled to be included, and drew this strip to feature both the FOT characters, and a couple of my super-heroes. 
I have lots of "beefcake" art on the Friends Of Tyler characters, and will be sharing that here... as well as more Super Galaxy Femmes and other characters...

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